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    Custom-fitted Mouthguards in Eltham


    A properly fitted mouthguard should be worn during any contact sport or activity where there is a risk of an injury to the face e.g. Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer etc.  Without a mouthguard, sports injuries and accidents can result in damage and injury to the gum, lips or teeth including tooth fracture or knocked out teeth and jaw fractures.

    Our Custom Fitted Mouthguards
    We pride ourselves on the quality of our Custom Fitted, Pressure Laminated Mouthguards which come in a range of type and colours, including AFL colours, to suit everyone.

    Benefits of a custom fitted MouthGuard

    Custom-fitted Mouthguards  are constructed and fitted to the shape of your mouth by a dental professional. A Custom Fitted Mouthguard should fit snugly and be comfortable, allow normal breathing and swallowing and allow the wearer to speak.  They need to be thick enough (4mm) to provide protection against impact and have been proven to reduce the number and severity of mouth injuries in sport and during training.

    Whilst over the counter  Boil-and-bite  and  Ready-Made   Mouthguards  are cheaper, they are uncomfortable, difficult to keep in the mouth and do not provide sufficient protection

    Standard Mouthguard

    ·  Suitable for juniors up to age 16
       (approximately) and are made from one 
       sheet of 4mm plastic

    High Impact Mouthguard - includes name inside the guard

    ·  Suitable for High Impact sports
      (i.e Basketball, Football)
       and are constructed form one
       sheet of 4mm plastic thermo-formed
       with 2mm thermo-formed laminated layer

    Ultra High Impact Mouthguard - includes name inside the guard

    ·  Used mainly for Professional
       and Ultra-High contact sports
       (i.e. Hockey, La Crosse, Men’s Rugby)
       and are constructed from one sheet of
       4mm thermo-formed plastic with
       2 layers of 2mm thermo-formed laminate

    Over time, you may need to replace your mouthguard due to changes which may occur in your mouth, such as the eruption of permanent teeth or restorations.

    mouthguard clear 1
    mouthguard case 1

    Caring for your Mouthguard

    Rinse your Mouthguard in cold water before use. After use, rinse in cold water, dry and store in a plastic container with air vents to allow the air to circulate and keep in a cool place to avoid distortion.
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